It is spring in the North...... The lilacs are just out, along with the honey suckles and many kind of small flowers I cannot identify.  I walk the dog in the morning, we do a  half hour down to the public docks where she can go for a swim. It smells so wonderful here.   As I walked the dog this morning each blade of grass had a tiny drop of dew right on its tip...still facing the sky. My ferns are still unravelling to expose all of their graceful glory and he irises are in mid bloom with the deep purple blooms nodding stoically to me in the breeze.


Why can I not remember how flipping amazing this part of the country is when it is -40C here in January?  Why cannot remember the tiny little hummingbirds that rest outside my window on the overhead wires.  I feel like I am seeing this place for the first time.    My husband has sold his business, so afternoons that were spent working on art but surrounded by his customers and staff are now spent in my garden , still working , but in this amazing place where the smell of fresh grass and flowers fill my senses.   I am not sure if it my time in Norway shifting my perspective, or my recent time in southern Ontario, but I do know I am grateful.  Like the new beer commercial says "where you come from makes you what you are"! I am starting to believe this more and more.


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