Day 2 ...Good morning!

As I write this I cannot connect to my email here for some reason.    It worked last night, but today not so I realize how far away I am.  I am also emailing with Mrs Parish's grade 8 class in Balmertown and last night I emailed them a photo of my dinner and the bill.  They asked me why it was in 2 languages and it made me realize how isolated I am.  English is not the first language here ( of course) and everywhere I go I am surrounded by conversation, and signs I don't understand.  I am not alarmed or upset by this, but I realize it once again puts me in the position of observer, one I am quite familiar with as an artist. It also brings out those feelings of insignificance in a society in which you are not a part.  Something which I will try to explore further during this time away from home.   I am off to explore more of Oslo and galleries today!