Mind Blown!

If you don't like rocks just skip this post. It all about rocks.  

We first went to a place called Walligoe steps...365 rock steps down to a harbour, where the herring boats would come in.   The  story goes the women would walk up the steps with a basket of herring on there back after having cleaned them and then walk the 9 miles to Wick, the closest city while knitting socks on their walk.... And I think my day is bad when my car won"t start!  Oh to be a cow and have this view all day 


Then we were off to Sarklet  beach...another natural fishing harbour, when the herring used to run. The seals or Silkies and legend has it came in to investigate all the noise on the beach, but they were to far out for my i phone to capture.



at the end of the day we went to Girnigoe castle, apparently one of many owned by the Stewarts.

I wish the stones could talk!