Sunday Church

It has been years since I have attended church. For a variety of reasons I have drifted away.  While in Glasgow one of my desires was to go to the Glasgow Cathedral.

On the way here West Jet lost my luggage , so if I really wanted to go to church, I would have to go in jeans and runners...... somewhere my mother is  cringing in disbelief, but I went anyway.  Thankfully my girlfriend went with me, because as we reached the entrance the ushers were dignified gentlemen dressed in full tuxes!   We were met with the kindest welcome, my girlfriend, much braver than I was doing the talking but I can honestly say I have never been welcomed into a church with such enthusiasm and kindness.


We were, of course asked where we were from and after several stories and a brief history of the cathedral the Usher we were talking with stated that he believed that 'Canadians are the calmest among us" . LOL   What a joy to be part of this service. Women in hats and men in their suits...we were obviously noted as not local as a few parishioners  turned to talk to us and welcome us after the  service.

This Cathedral..not as ornate as the Italian, but for some reason it has such grandeur and strength I am forever drawn to it. It has held my imagination since I last saw it 6 years ago I am so grateful to be able to return.  If you ever have the opportunity please at least glimpse inside.

Oh and on the way home saw my dream van!