In the Studio!

Arctic Glass studio is a place of wonder cleanliness and complete organization! We are starting off the work portion of our residency and I am stuck as normal! But things will get better!

Still bad snowstorm here most of the day. I am glad we did not drive in this!

Blowing snow toward the harbour

Blowing snow toward the harbour

We did see a guy on a Spark today ...I am not sure if I am spelling this right, and I will try and post a better photo another day.   And we discovered Bacon spread, bacon  stuff that comes in a toothpaste tube...have not tried it but it could be interesting.    

So in the studio for 6 days...13 artists from 7 different countries.  It makes you very humble to see what amazing things others are doing and how talented they are.    I will post more about each artist in the days to come. ( If they agree)