4 days traveling to get home.   -31C here this morning, but grateful for many things along the way.  On the plane from Oslo  I sat with an amazing Canadian/Icelandic man  who helped Inuit start their own fishing business, so he shared some of his life and Iceland's history with Canada. Made my connection by the skin of my teeth in Toronto thanks to some generous folks who let me cut in line in security..... Had a hotel room and bed probably 3x the size of ones I have slept in the last 3 weeks.  Met a dear friend for breakfast who I don't get to see as often as I would like, she helped me process my last 2 weeks, and  set some goals for the future.  The pilot on my last flight home is one I have seen flying in the North for many years, he makes it feel like home.   And flying home over the frozen North.........as the commercial says .....priceless.   Amazing how some time away can make us appreciate what we take for granted!