What a day!  Sunshine, fantastic, intelligent conversations, and shopping...oh and some fabulous food at Jamie Olivers' restaurant. 

So I arrived yesterday and met a girlfriend who I will be staying with for a while. We are here for the North Lands Glass Conference 2016 and it is off to an amazing start with a show this evening with the Scottish Glass Society along with and artist talk.  Always nice to hear about someones process and see some amazing new work.  Some really amazing talented artists here.   

This morning we went to Gallery 10 and spoke with Paul Musgrove and he shared many amazing stories with us and showed us some of the most fantastic work. If you are ever in Edinburgh please make the effort to stop in, it is an amazing gallery.

We were then fortunate enough to have lunch with some glass enthusiast about glass in Canada. Some bright and witty conversation, all around!

On our walk home we went to Grass Market and I found my favourite used clothing shop...got some great deals!