The Wind

It never stops. Our building shifts, groans, and hums all night.  The windows, rattle constantly.  The rope on the flag pole vibrates at a very quick pace.  We walk to the studio with our heads down.   The temperature is warm here but the wind is unrelenting. It create the most beautify snow drifts.   ere many of the entranceways are made of expanded the snow falls through, something I will take home with me!

I watched a really large fishing boat in the harbour rock and roll this morning. It was behind the breakwater and tied to the dock. I am grateful I do not make my living off the sea.

My son and his team won a basketball tournament, and again I am removed, away and an observer.   I often feel like a bystander, as the world passes me by as I am locked in my bubble of glass again.  The world passing me by.

Something I need to consider.